Two spunky little sisters sashayed across my threshold. They were 4 and 2 years old, full of their own little thoughts, feelings, and attitudes. And, I do mean atttitudes! Within 24 hours, I realized it wasn’t me that was ruling the roost, but two toddlers. They tantrumed, bossed me, and demanded my attention at every waking moment. I had to get control, before they took my keys, car, and credit cards and headed on a Thelma and Louise escapade.

I had no idea what the two little girls had endured in their past, my job was to keep them safe and love them until the foster family chosen to take them permanently returned from out of state.

I was determined that when I turned “Thelma and Louise” over to their new family, that I would not look like I had just lost a catfight with Nellie on Little House on the Prairie (I know, I’m showing my age, but seriously- Little House on the Prairie is a classic!).

I had to get control. So, I threw up a hail Mary prayer and begged God to give me wisdom. That’s when it happened…….

My home became a Palace, and these two toddlers became subject to my “Queenliness.” Only princesses could live in this Palace with the queen, and Princess etiquette was expected and must be demonstrated at all times We wore tiara’s, we talked in English accents, and drank our apple juice with our pinkies lifted high (though I’ve recently learned that I taught them terrible etiquette and lifting the pinky is rude and elitist).

But, before my eyes, these two tantrum-throwing toddlers, transformed. Maddening meltdowns that had previously lasted for 30 minutes, were quickly defused whenever the Queen gasped, “Oh, but princesses don’t act that way!”

When the little girls became drill seargents demanding and commanding me, the Palace doors were once again opened, and the Princesses were invited to rejoin the Queen in the Palace. Behaviors quickly adjusted, and the two happy Princesses lived with me in my palace day after day, after day.

Then, the day came, where the girls would leave my Palace and move to what would become their forever home. The precious new foster family asked me for all my tips to help the girls’ transition. My response, “How do you feel about turing your home into a princess palace?” And, so, the well-behaved, and highly adored little Princesses went from one Palace to another. Where, my prayers for them were answerd. And today, they still live there, happily everafter.

You see, we are all princesses living in a castle. But life beats us up mentally, emotionally or physically, and we may quickly forget our priceless, princess position. We may tantrum, get bossy, and act in ways that are unbecoming. It’s in those moments that the Palace doors swing open, the King beckons us toward the throne and reminds us that we belong in this Palace, because we are daughters of the Heavenly King.

So, today, straighten that crown, give that heart a pep talk, and resume your princess platform!

Pinky cheers to you!

4 thoughts on “The Princesses and The Palace

  1. True wisdom flows from Sundy Goodnight!! Wisdom which is laced with agape Love! Her efforts which are blogged about are literally changing the landscape of humanity for eternity!!

    Read, listen and go out and LOVE ๐Ÿ’•

    Liked by 1 person

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